Sexy Blonde

There are some very popular adult actresses.  There has been new rumors than Jena Jameson is going to be back.  The quote I heard was that she was doing it for her children. And who knows why most of these girls retire. They don’t like it.  They see moral shame associated with it.  It’s not all money and glamor but when you look as hot as Abbey Brooksthere are few busty blonde babes that can compete with her. It’s a shame she retired maybe she made so much money she wanted to go on to other things.  Take a look why everyone loves her so much.


Fetish Hits

There are lots of hot girls on the planet and everyone has different tastes in their women.  But I am noticing a new trend these days with guys who like women with very HAIRY PUSSY.  And I’m not sure I get it.  I know in the 70′s porn had style and class and that was common.  But they also didn’t have the same technology for waxing and shaving.  You can spend 20 dollars on a high end razor that will give you a nice smooth shave.  And back then it was kind of a hippy trend that has long sense gone out of style.  But some men like it and there is plenty of it online.